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We adopted our little rescue terrier mix, Marvin this year.  We had a period of time where we were able to get a routine down at home as well as teach him the house rules.  We had a large problem on our hands when we went to walk the little guy.  Marvin would react to any and every dog we walked near.  It became very difficult to walk at all without outbursts of crying and barking.  We knew we needed help!  A friend of ours recommended James at BalPet Dog Wellness.  Our friend had great success with his training skills with his own dog and highly recommended him.

     After connecting with James by email, we met at the local park to begin training with Marvin.  After one session, we had learned a great deal about his anxiety as well as our own anxiety.  He opened our eyes as to why Marvin was reacting the way he was and helped us begin to turn it around.  We met a few more times at the park, and within a short time, Marvin had shown incredible improvement.  With the skills that James taught us, we were able to enjoy a walk again and be able to understand and control the situation so much better.

     To this day, we are very appreciative that we found James and that with his expertise with dog training he was able to change our lives.  We now walk Marvin any time and any where.  We are now free of anxiety and love being outdoors again.

     Afterwards, we attended one of James pack walks in Portland.  Marvin was a perfect gentleman, and walked with other dogs without a peep.  He has turned into the lovable dog we had hoped for. We knew Marvin had it in him.  We just needed a little help from James to get there.


Thank you James!  We are forever grateful to you!

K. & D. Curtis

Thank You James!


Your reputation precedes you; talking with a colleague about our german sheppard’s aggressiveness she suggested contacting you for personal training.


When I walked with Remington she growled at people as we approached them and was aggressive when family and friends came to the home. 


Thanks to your direction and training guide we had 13 for Christmas plus little ones and she was great.  She has much better play time with Lizzy our lab and walks are better.  We even stopped and talked to a family with kids along the way last week! 


Thank you,

John and Terri Hays

...we adopted our dog, Abby from the Oregon Dog Rescue Group. She is a Chihuahua/Dachshund mix and a great addition to our family, which includes our seven year-old Chihuahua male dog named Cooper. With the new addition to the family, we were all concerned and eager for Abby to begin developing positive behavior patterns within the family, so we contacted James to observe and work with us.

     With a detailed action plan, James had us on the road to solving some fear and aggressive issues that had been displayed at home and on the walks.  His insights have given me many “aha” moments, and truly helped us all be better pack leaders. Abby was a very fearful dog, afraid of humans, other dogs, and any loud or sudden noises.  She is now a different dog than when we got her.  Each week she becomes more confident and now welcomes people to our home!  She will actually sit next to them and let them pay attention to her and pet her.  Although she is still fearful of loud noises on the walks, this too has diminished. 

     Cooper is now a completely different dog on the walks as well.  Instead of straining on the leash, he walks, loose leash right next to me or just behind me.  His aggression towards other dogs he meets has diminished significantly, and walking him is so much more enjoyable. Now, I really look forward to our hour-long walks.

James has given us the confidence to instill new habits in our dogs' behaviors, and has taught us insight into dog psychology as well.   He's given us helpful instruction to truly change the lives of our dogs and each member of the family as well! 

     His passion for the dogs is inspiring!  I look forward to working with James in the future to further our needs with Abby to help her be the best she can be.   THANKS James!

Kunstel Family

Our Shepherd-Pit mix, who was once social and curious, had become increasingly aggressive, nervous, and difficult to handle over the last two years.  In response, our world became smaller and smaller as we avoided taking her out in public with us for fear she would lash out unprovoked at people and other dogs.  Everyone had advice for us, but we felt misunderstood and hopeless.  Frustrations mounted and our relationship with our dog suffered.  Our first meeting with James renewed our faith in our much loved dog.  In a positive and non-judgmental way he gave us the tools and one on one practice time that has already made a dramatic impact- after just one visit!  We know that we have a ways to go and continued hard work to change the way we interact with our pet- but we couldn't feel luckier to have come across James. Our dog is noticeably calmer and happier in a short period of time.... what a relief! I would recommend BalPet to anyone, anytime!

Kori Parks

We found out about James through one of our rescue placements.  When I approached him about helping the rescue to take an extra step and make sure that our placements are getting off on the right foot he was right on it.  James has responded to all of our requests and is diligent about making contact with our adoptive families.  Aso, with our recent Chihuahua rescue James has been engaging with our foster families.  These Chi’s are totally unsocialized and need a lot of patience in getting ready for their new homes.  James has been assisting these fosters when they are in need of some additional skills and suggestions with some of their special needs.  I am looking forward to many successful placements with James’ assistance

Displaced Pets Rescue

We adopted Bucky, an 8 month old Springer Spaniel after he failed in his first home.  He joined our household which consisted of a 13 year old mutt and two senior cats.  After about a week of Bucky chasing everyone, the 2 dogs fighting and the cats residing under the bed 24/7 we called James and were amazed at how much we learned about raising a dog and integrating a household of animals.  James was calm, patient and spent a lot of time with us. He even taught Bucky how to run on a treadmill, which is very helpful to such a high-energy dog and other breed specific activities as well.  Bucky is now the picture of good manners, all our animals (including the cats) are happily adjusted and we feel confident in knowing how to handle any problems that may arise or who to call.  We are thrilled now with Bucky and he has a forever home!

Julie Speer

My first meeting with a scared American Eskimo named Finn was not a good experience.  He was very anxious and did not trust anyone.  His defense was to show his teeth and bite.  He had lived in an upside down grocery cart with almost 400 other dogs in crates stacked together.  He trusted no one.

     I became his foster mom hoping to socialize him and help him find a permanent home.  When I learned that my 88 year old father was going to live with me, I panicked.!!!    Finn snarled at him and my first reaction was to remove him from my home.   Thankfully, I called James for help.  And, help I received!!!!   After a few meetings  James turned a frightened dog into a loving., sweet, little guy.  And, he helped me become a confident dog owner...yes, owner is right...he is now a permanent member of our family.

Estile Lile

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